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Increased Visibility

Minority Companies can easily get exposure to globally recognized Fortune 500 companies through the DiversityTraX Network.

Networking Events

Know about upcoming meetings, conferences, training and special events directed at growing the minority supply-chain.

Profile Management

DiverityTrax is the only place you need to manage your Minority Business Profile that reaches many of your clients as well as potential partners!

Why Register as a DiversityTraX Supplier?

By enrolling with DiversityTraX your business will have increased visibility with many Fortune 500 companies. Your company profile and product offering will be seen by companies who report their current diversity spend and to those who are looking for new suppliers to partner with.

There are many benefits of DiversityTraX including, access to a calendar of networking events, training opportunities, business support, and other ways to help your business grow.

Getting started is free! Once your company is registered, all you need to do is complete your profile and upload your business certificates to take advantage of these opportunities.

Success depends on your backbone, not your wishbone!

Join the DiversityTraX vendor database. You will have access to networking events, webinars, training, opportunity postings, priority listings, and more. Place you business in a position to succeed by working with globally recognized brands.

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